Find Recruiter receives its first-ever funding from WNJ

January 27, 2023

Find Recruiter is extremely excited to announce an official partnership with WNJ Ventures. For the past 3 years, Find Recruiter has been a bootstrapped venture with the mission to streamline the recruitment processes for companies via their collaborative platform between employers and specialist recruiters.

By having a community of over 500 recruiters across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the UK, the platform enabled companies to hire top talents across the globe. With the community perpetually growing, Find Recruiter reached new heights on commissions generated for its recruiters (>50% YOY growth).

“One of the most impressive aspects of Find Recruiter has been their ability to demonstrate a strong product-market fit at a really early stage of the company while building deep product capabilities and a solid foundation for them to scale going forward.” – Wing Lee, Partner @ WNJ Ventures – read more

WNJ brings a wealth of experience in venture building. This is vital for an early-stage startup as Find Recruiter continues to innovate and redefine recruitment strategies for companies. The new funding will open a new chapter for the team as they double down on technology capabilities and look to make their first hire – Head of Growth.

“When we look for investors, we aim for partnerships; we look for people who share a similar passion for the problem we’re trying to solve. With WNJ Ventures, it was a natural fit where its founders have a vested interest in the HR-tech sector. Along with their experience in venture-building, we knew the partnership would be rewarding for everyone.” – Lawton Lai, CEO @ Find Recruiter.

Interested in learning more about Find Recruiter? Reach out to the founding team at

Howard Sung

Co-founder of - Intelligent Recruiter Matching Platform

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