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January 27, 2023

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve surveyed 100 CTO’s and tech leads across Asia and they shared their views on the tech talent landscape.

1. Do you face challenges hiring software developers?

90% CTOs in this market face challenges hiring software developers

2. What tech stacks are in high demand in your team?

However since the answer is in open text format, I have gathered a very wide range of tech stacks from this question, some main skills are in need order are Full Stack JavaScript, React, React Native, Cloud- AWS, Kubernetes, Kafka, and a few times product management are mentioned too, and then less common answers but still listed as top demand for certain engineering teams, such as Elixir, Unipath, Clojure.

3. Do you use offshore engineering resources, including freelancers?

60% do use off-shore engineering resources.

4. How do you find HK’s tech talent market?

60% find the market is extremely candidate short, and 30% think it’s hard to find someone matching their standards.

5. Would you consider changing job in next 12 months?

50% of tech leaders in the market would not consider changing jobs in the next 12 months.

With all the above challenges we’ve found, we have invited 3 thought leaders to share their insight on how to hire tech talent efficiently. See more on another post  Tech Hiring Tips from CTO’s and CEO’s

Vivian Xiang

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