the right candidates with Asia’s largest network of recruiting professionals on your side.

Our recruitment agency management platform not only helps you maximize efficiency with your existing suppliers but is integrated with a network of 100+ recruitment agencies to give you peace of mind for every niche and hard to fill job that comes unexpectedly.

Recruitment agencies
across the world

Recruitment firm

Work together, win together

We’re not a recruitment agency, we’re so much more. By blending technology into the recruitment-cycle, we’ve re-imagined a more meaningful and collaborative way for employers and recruiters to work together.

Simplify with one standardized terms of business
Work with 100s of compliant recruitment agencies in Hong Kong and across Asia without having to sign anything else.
Hassle-free automated CV duplication tracking
Cut out needless effort spent on cross-checking and settling tricky candidate ownership disputes.
Save time without the need to repeat yourself
Streamline your communications by broadcasting your job brief to recruiters in just a few clicks and use the Q&A bank to avoid having to repeat yourself over and over again.

Powering Asia’s fastest growing businesses

18 hrs
Saved in candidate assessment per job
Hire speed
6 regions
Access talents from HK, SG, TW, MY, VN, UK

Work smarter, not harder

Working with a team of recruiters is hard work. At times it can feel like you’re full-time managing recruiters on top of your “real” full-time job. Our innovative HR-Tech is purpose-built to power you through the future of work.

Focus on what really matters
Without the need to assemble and vet a team of recruiters for every job, experience a friction-free process and accomplish more with your time.
Take out the guesswork using real data
Relying on recruiters based on a hunch is now a thing of the past. Our intelligent matching takes performance metrics from each recruiter to pair you with recruiters most likely to deliver great results.
Stop negotiating and take control of what you pay
You dictate the commission % amount for every job. Set it higher for recruiters to prioritize your job and send you their best candidates. Set it lower for junior positions. You’re the boss.

“Find Recruiter’s network has helped us quickly identify high potential candidates for multiple hard to fill job openings.”

Head of HR at Chun Wo

“I am impressed by the short time it took Find Recruiter to engage with recruiters who understood my needs. Without having to spend time and effort in finding the right recruiters allowed me to focus on meeting great candidates.”


“We have centralized our job openings in one place to increase the collaboration between different agencies. Standardizing our process working with recruiters has us save time & effort”

CFO at Weave Living

You're Protected

A risk-free guarantee period
Get up to 100% of your placement fee back if a candidate leaves in the first 90 days.
Every transaction is guarded
Your payment to recruitment agencies is held securely and paid over 3 instalments to ensure they are incentivized to find you a replacement if things don’t work out.
Find Recruiter uses GDPR as a strict guideline to manage all privacy and personal data policies.

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