Top Recruiters in Hong Kong and Asia 2022

January 27, 2023

As Asia’s largest community of recruiters, we pride ourselves in bringing the top recruiters across different disciplines for employers hiring in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and the rest of Asia.

Three of the most popular recruitment market in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia) are home to over 6,400 registered recruitment firms. Many employers are challenged to differentiate between recruiters and the services they provide, often opting for the more prominent brands for convenience and confidence.

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While you may have heard of multi-national recruitment firms such as Michael Page, Robert Walters, and Randstad, these staffing brands account for less than 10% of the entire recruitment market. With the dynamic hiring needs of companies nowadays, it is all the more important to select the right recruitment firm and the right recruiters. We have seen lists of top agencies, but we seldom celebrate individuals who practice excellence in their services. As a business that wants to hire the best talents through the best recruiters, you do not want to miss out on these hidden gems.

Each month, our platform records and award recruiters based on merits such as engagement, responsiveness, and service capability. We also ask their clients for ratings and feedback, similar to a passenger after each uber ride. With all the data collected, we then curate a list of each month’s top recruiters. (find out how you can qualify to be a top recruiter)

In the year 2022, we congratulate (ordered alphabetically): Angel Chan, Boon Aik Cheong, Carol Lau, Charles Ho, Clarence Liu, Desmond Fung, Dicky Yuen, Dominic Dunn, Eliza Lai, Fiona Fung, Gaby De Guzman, Henry Heng, Hiro Toyota, Iris Hui, Itina Chan, Jem Choi, Joanne Chan, John Chan, Kenneth Yeung, Mabel Leung, Molly Chik, Raymond Chan, Sherlock Jim, Stephanie Yu, Vivian Yeung, and Zoie Lin!

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