JobsDB x FindRecruiter

January 27, 2023

Partnership Announcement!

Find Recruiter is proud to partner up with JobsDB to bring you more clients, more jobs and millions more in potential fees.

As Hong Kong rebounds from the impacts of the pandemic, more businesses than ever are feeling the talent shortage pinch and now ready to turn to recruitment agencies for help. JobsDB has engaged some of these businesses from their database of 200,000+ clients and moving forward, they will be bringing you these determined clients and their fee-based jobs exclusively on Find Recruiter.

We’re really excited about this partnership because not only does it open up millions in potential fees for our recruiter community but it also opens up a tremendous opportunity for recruiters like you to be discovered and really get the recognition that you deserve.

What you need to know is that these jobs will be managed directly by the JobsDB team. As facilitators, they will bridge clients and recruiters together meanwhile respond to any enquiries directly through the platform. If this is interesting, feel free to reach out to Emily Chan, our Recruiter Success Lead to learn more.

To above & beyond!

Lawton Lai

ex-recruiter turned HR tech innovator.

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