Say Goodbye to Find Recruiter’s Service Fee 👋

January 27, 2023

Hello Recruiters!

We’ve been making changes to our platform. They are small steps forward to simplify how you work with clients on Find Recruiter. We want to be as transparent as we can with our changes because our goal is simple: Be the SaaS platform that offers the most rewarding experience to modern recruiters like you, one job at a time.


  1. We removed Find Recruiter’s Service Fee. That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong. We have removed Find Recruiter’s service fee from each placement you make on the platform.
  2. We made our terms more dynamic. Going forward, each job will have its own terms, including guarantee period and payment terms. You will need to agree to the terms on a job-by-job basis.

Say Goodbye to Find Recruiter’s Service Fee.

The new way. What you see is what you will earn.

In the past, Find Recruiter has shared your placement earnings by taking a % of the total placement fee you would receive from clients. It makes it complex for you to figure out your actual earnings.

We decided that it was time for it to go. From 25th July 2022 onward, we have removed Find Recruiter’s Service Fee. The commission % that is stated on each job on Find Recruiter is exactly what you will earn.

This change matches the future direction that we set for Find Recruiter. We’re slowly shifting the role of Find Recruiter to become the SaaS that allows recruiters to work with new clients immediately, provide great recruitment services and get rewarded.

Simpler and More Dynamic Terms.

We’ve been hard at work to onboard a more diverse set of clients for you to work with. As such, we’re changing our platform to be more flexible to cater to different hiring needs.

In the past, all jobs on Find Recruiter followed a standard guarantee periods of 90 days. It’s now to be agreed upon on a per-job basis. What this means is jobs on Find Recruiter may now be posted under different guarantee periods ranging from 90 days to 180 days.

The payment schedule will continue to follow 3 instalments but the payment date will be adjusted according to the guarantee period. You’re advised to double confirm the terms and only add a job to “My Jobs” if you agree to its terms.

There is more!

We’ve got exciting plans in store coming up in the next 2 months. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates from us.

In the meantime, email to if you’ve any words of advice. We’d love to hear from you, we’re all ears

Ted Kuo

The tech guy behind Find Recruiter. Let's build a thriving recruitment community together.

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