My First 2 Weeks Experience Working with Find Recruiter

January 27, 2023

I’ve been a tech recruiter for the past decade and every day I would meet amazing technologists who build products that change the way we work and live. Influenced by these amazing people, I’ve always wanted to be part of a team that builds tools for recruiters like myself, and that will help many others like me work smarter.

Today marks my second week working at Find Recruiter. I remember, when I first learned about this start-up, I was immediately attracted by its cool concept of leveraging a large network of specialist recruiters in the market and matching them to roles they are experienced in filling.

My First 2 Weeks Experience Working With Find Recruiter

A client whom I’ve worked with for quite a while congratulated me on my new role and told me that they were still finding it very difficult to hire full-stack developers.

I introduced them to Find Recruiter and immediately after publishing their job, they were automatically matched with a team of specialist tech recruiters who have placed similar jobs with similar profiled companies. Within 24 hours, they received their first batch of candidates, scheduled 3 interviews and just within a week, they now have a candidate in the final round interview.

In my last 5 years of working with this client, the hiring process has never been this fast. The client was very surprised at how efficiently we got them to meet with suitable candidates. This was an amazing experience for the employer.

For recruiters, the experience is equally as great. They can save time on endless cold calls/BD competitions and no longer need to struggle with back-and-forth emails trying to arrange for job briefing calls or negotiating on business terms.

Recruiters can now work on the most essential part of recruitment work. That means more quality time spent on evaluating candidates and introducing them to as many employers as they find suitable. And above all, maximize their revenue potential with each valuable candidate that’s taken time to connect and evaluate.

I’m excited to help a long time client find more success in their hiring. And for the recruiters who are doing an excellent job on the full-stack developer role, they have been assigned to more similar roles on the platform to help them leverage their candidate pool and maximize closing rate.

This is a great start to my new role and certainly builds my strong belief in how Find Recruiter can significantly improve hiring efficiency, even for the most difficult and hard-to-fill roles out there.

Vivian Xiang

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