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January 27, 2023

Interview scheduling is often a very frustrating experience for hiring managers. To say the least, it’s a time consuming and an error-prone process when it’s done through email. Many hiring managers find themselves in a long email chain only to have one interview scheduled. This is a problem easily overlooked by many and it can have a serious impact on the quality and the speed of your hiring.

According to a recent survey by Yello, hiring managers spend between 30 mins to 2 hours just to schedule a single interview. That’s a huge burden on any hiring managers who have pre-existing commitments to their primary work responsibilities and are trying to hire for the team on the side. And it’s a problem that we are committed to solving on Find Recruiter’s platform.

On Find Recruiter, interview scheduling is seamlessly integrated into our Milestone feature. It only takes a few clicks to request and confirm an interview with a candidate.

Send an interview request to the recruiter who will help you to arrange it with the candidate.

Request an interview and leave the rest to your recruiters.

For recruiters to effectively arrange the interview for you. There are 4 pieces of information you need to provide.

  • Interview Format: Specify the kind of interview that the candidate will be having, be it a “Zoom call” or “On-site interview”, select the most fitting one so the recruiter can help you to prep the candidate.
  • Interviewer Emails: Enter the e-mails of those who will be interviewing the candidate. When the interview is confirmed, Find Recruiter automatically sends a confirmation email to all the interviewers. Feel free to leave this empty if you already have your own process to notify the interviewers.
  • Availability & Details: Supply the time availability of the interviewers. It’s best to provide at least 2 alternative time slots to minimise back-and-forth communication.
  • Application Form: Got an application form for the candidate to fill out before the interview? No problem, you can attach it here, and your recruiter will pass it on to the candidate to have it filled out.

After sending a couple of interview requests, you may notice that Find Recruiter learns your interview preferences per job. so that it’s not overwhelming when you are requesting multiple interviews in one go or if you are doing high-volume hiring. Most of the fields are already pre-filled for you, and all you have to do is click on the SEND button.

Interview Confirmation

Once an interview is confirmed, you’ll be e-mail notified with all the details.

Need to setup an online video interview? Whether it’s an on-site or online interview, we’ll ensure the recruiter shares all the information needed so no back-and-forth is required.

Need to invite all the interviewers? Include the e-mail of every interviewer and we’ll make sure everyone gets an invite to remind them of the interview.

A confirmation is sent to all the interviewers to make sure no one misses out


Hiring in the modern recruitment era is no longer a leisure walk in the park, instead it’s a high-octane race for high-quality talents that every company should focus their time and effort into improving.

A fast and responsive interview scheduling process says a lot about a company and how much it values talent. Needless to say, an efficient interviewing scheduling process also helps to improve your ‘time-to-hire’ metric.

This Interview Scheduling feature is our latest addition to the Find Recruiter platform to help hiring managers win that race with efficiency. We believe there is plenty of room for even better intelligent interview scheduling in modern recruitment era and we at Find Recruiter are committed to continuously improve.

Let us know your thoughts. Till then, Happy Recruiting!

Ted Kuo

The tech guy behind Find Recruiter. Let's build a thriving recruitment community together.

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