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January 27, 2023

We believe all that hard work gone into finding and screening great candidates should not go to waste.

Every great candidate you meet but don’t end up placing is a missed opportunity and revenue. We believe all that hard work gone into finding and screening great candidates should not go to waste. That’s why we’re excited to launch Talent Hub Jobs, a smarter way for your star candidates to be actively discovered by new clients.

Talent Hub Jobs allow you to upload blind CVs of your star candidates, so an extensive network of trusted employers can review your candidates and reach out for your recruitment services.

How does it work?

On the Find Recruiter job board, you’ll notice jobs posted by Find Recruiter tagged with “[Talent Hub Jobs]”. If you have great candidates that fit the job description, then add the job, and upload a blind version of their CV. We’ll be engaging a network of employers who are hiring this position to review your candidates. If they are interested, they will reach out through the platform to request for more information and engage your recruitment services.

What employers will be able to review my blind CVs?

The Find Recruiter team will be engaging employers who have immediate hiring needs and ensure they are fully compliant with the terms of business signed before we allow them to access more information about your candidates.

How is payment different from other jobs on Find Recruiter?

In terms of payment, there is no difference from other Find Recruiter jobs. The payable commission and payment terms are stated within the job details.

Do I need to get my candidate’s consent before submitting their blind CV?

At the initial stage, there is no need to obtain the candidate’s consent as long as the CV is properly blinded (remove the name, contact details, and latest company). However, once the employer expresses interest to learn more about your candidate, please ensure you have obtained the candidate’s consent before releasing their full resume.

We’re committed to building more tools for recruiters to work smarter!

Feel free to reach out to learn more about Talent Hub jobs here.

Vivian Xiang

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