How to Work and Hire with Recruiters Effortlessly using Milestone.

January 27, 2023

What is Milestone?

Milestone is a cornerstone feature that makes working with recruiters easier than ever. The dashboard gives you a quick overview of all the candidates you receive from every recruiter. They’re intelligently categorised into different columns for the different stages in a recruitment pipeline, so you can easily pick up from where you left off.

Visually, you will find it similar to other ATS (Applicant Tracking System). It’s designed this way to utilise the UX Mental Model to minimise the learning curve for first time users.


Today, HR professionals are managing 30-40+ recruitment assignments simultaneously. Milestone was designed specifically with the modern HR in mind and ultimately make every recruitment journey effortless.

In Milestone, you can easily action on any candidate easily. Want to schedule an interview with a candidate? No problem, It’s only one click away. Traditionally, working with recruiters has been very time-consuming that takes a lot of back-and-forth. It takes multiple phone calls and emails in order to complete simple tasks like scheduling an interview for a candidate or sharing feedback on a candidate interview. On Milestone, these tedious tasks are completed with just a few clicks of a button, so you can quickly get back on growing your business.


You can access Milestone in any settings, anytime; when you are in a meeting / in office / at home. That means you can keep your collaboration with recruiters seamless in-between your meetings / commitments without being interrupted.

Just like a WhatsApp, your communications are stored securely, and can be shared with members of your team. You will be away and won’t be available for recruitment for a few days? No problem, your team can take over the recruitment while being perfectly up-to-date on what has happened.


Why did we build Milestone?

At Find Recruiter, we want to provide a more effective way for recruiters and employers to build meaningful relationships. We noticed that many of existing methods that recruiters and employers use to collaborate can be vastly improved by the use of modern Technology.

Better transparency for both recruiter and employer

Miscommunication is an expensive problem in recruitment. Many misunderstandings between a recruiter and an employer are caused by the lack of transparency. It happens even when both parties are genuinely trying to work together. What if there is a platform that allows you to maintain a transparent relationship with your recruiters effortlessly?

That’s why we built Milestone: We want a modern tool for you to collaborate with remote recruiters as if they are part of your in-house hiring team.

“How to” Guide To Get Started with Milestone

Milestone is available within Find Recruiter as soon as you have posted your job.

In Milestone, candidates are organized by different columns that represent their recruitment stage.

Milestone ColumnRecommended Actions From YouNEW CANDIDATEScan through each candidates, and Click [Keep candidate] for those who pass your top requirements for the opening. Keep your scanning quick. The goal is to eliminate CVs which raise big red flags. Typically, ~50% of candidates are rejected here.REVIEWINGScan through the candidates again to identify the first round of candidates you’d like to interview. Share the CV with line managers for a joint decision.INTERVIEWClick [Request Interview] on selected candidates. Specify your interview format, and invite the interviewer to minimise time wasted on back-and-forth scheduling/communication.REJECTEDAll rejected candidates are kept here. You can revert your actions anytime.Table A. Overview of Milestone columns

right from within Milestone. View Recommendation from recruiter. on candidates that are missing important info that is missing in the CV. Find Recruiter will notify the recruiter immediately to respond to your questionBe as specific as possible, you will be rewarded with 10x better candidatedecide whether the candidate is worth sharing to your team. Silence demotivate recruiters.Reject Candidate: Candidates from different recruiters are queued up in the “New Candidate” column for you to scan & Preview CVRequest More Info: Each candidate comes with a recommendation from recruiter. Click on each candidate to see it.Screen through new candidates with why it wasn’t a great profile.

Ted Kuo

The tech guy behind Find Recruiter. Let's build a thriving recruitment community together.

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