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January 27, 2023

Head of Growth (Start-up)

Find Recruiter is the fastest growing bounty recruiting platform in Asia with over US$500K in bounty fees waiting to be earned every day. Our growing network of 500 recruiters in 6 countries help large corporates like Hongkong Land and CASETiFY to growing start-ups like pickupp and Airwallex hire great people faster. Incubated by Cyberport Hong Kong, Find Recruiter is a Technology company that’s truly transforming the way businesses think about recruitment.

In your role as Head of Growth, you will be focused on optimizing the customer journey, from acquisition, activation, retention to upsell. Using data and analytics, you’ll work closely with the founders (Lawton, Howard, Ted) to experiment with different customer acquisition channels and strategies, while implement a marketing plan in line with business objectives. You’ll build win-win relationships with customers to drive sustainable growth and ultimately help companies be great at hiring.

You Shall Be:

  • Communicative: Be able to build rapport with customers and the team through strong communications. Proficiency in English is a must while Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) is an advantage.
  • Creative toward Customer Acquisition: Open-minded and “No idea is a bad idea” mentality. You should be very curious and experimental with different strategies, from Find, Outreach to Activation.
  • Experienced in Hiring: To truly empathize with our customers and understand Find Recruiter’s value proposition, having experienced hiring yourself is important, especially if you have previously recruited regionally.
  • Experienced in Digital Marketing: Be able to construct deep customer personas to attract, engage and convert through various digital mediums.
  • Customer Focused: B2B engagement typically is more relationship driven that includes a decision making process from weeks to months. This process involves multiple decision makers within the same organization that come from different backgrounds. Being customer focused and able to adapt to different “wave-lengths” is extremely important.
  • Resilient: We’re looking for people who love to experiment and not afraid to fail together over and over again. It’s how we grow as a business, as a team and as a product.

What You’ll Be Working On:

  • Acquire new customers to join the Find Recruiter platform.
  • Draft & Polish the playbook for continual growth of Find Recruiter.
  • Lead new experiments to test an insight / theory.
  • Work with the team on shaping our digital marketing strategy.

Side Perks:

  • Flexible Working Style: We’re a small team but we believe that the future of work is flexible, remote and all about achieving something meaningful together.
  • Medical Allowance (Reimbursement)
  • 21 day Annual Leave:
  • Employee stock option

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Lawton Lai

ex-recruiter turned HR tech innovator.

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