#ReinventingRecruiters Series – Hiro Toyota

January 27, 2023

Hiro Toyota, a Kiwi-Japanese Hong Konger, got into recruitment after spending some years in the retail industry. He began his career in a Hong Kong-based recruitment firm founded and led by ex-Michael Page employees – KOS International.

Leveraging his retail knowledge, Hiro excelled in his recruitment career. He took the traditional career path – spent over 5 years in the same firm and was promoted several times. At the peak of his career in KOS, he considered the longevity of his time as a recruiter.

Hiro knew he has a strong interest in establishing strong relationships and unlocking career opportunities with his candidates. He was particularly strong in the Retail sector and had a strong presence in the sector, but this is not the only thing he was great at. His charismatic personality made a strong impression on candidates and his genuine approach made him an obvious choice for them to work with.

After 5+ successful years in KOS, Hiro decided to set up his co-recruiting firm where he can create higher value for his clients and candidates by working in various specialisms. Like many new recruitment firms, Hiro needed exposure to new clients, watch this video to see how Hiro filled non-retail roles:

Howard Sung

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