If Elon Musk is full-time on recruitment, you should too.

January 27, 2023

Hiring is a problem, and startup hiring is even more so.

Recruiting is a full-time commitment, and it never ends – new roles come up every day to cope with growth plans, and it feels like we can never hire fast enough. When it comes to talents, even Elon Musk is tweeting away for his venture – Neuralink.

If Elon is spending his whole product demo to try to recruit top guys, can we actually afford to play a part-time role in attracting talents?

Introducing Cooper, a venture powered by Find Recruiter, where we firefight your recruitment bottlenecks for seed-round to pre-IPO startups. Companies only need to commit to a minimum of 3 months to kickstart. With our growth-focused methodology paired with Find Recruiter’s technologies, we’ve unlocked growth opportunities for companies like Pickupp(Series-B+) and Prenetics (Pre-IPO), effectively reducing the time to hire from an average of 54 days to just 17.

Cooper erases a founder’s dilemma on what to focus on (recruitment/business) as we assign recruitment specialists to take care of your talent pipelines, so you can focus on meeting screened candidates who are keen to join you on the path of conquest. With Cooper building an all-star team, founders can focus on growth and business.

Hiring is a problem we cannot shy away from, because, without talents, the growth won’t be there.

Interested? Have a chat with Emily, our Head of Cooper!

Howard Sung

Co-founder of FindRecruiter.com - Intelligent Recruiter Matching Platform

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