A True Candidate-Recruiter Partnership

January 27, 2023

Good recruiters connect you with opportunities; great recruiters create them for you.

Hill Li, Merec Group, has always made it his goal to partner with his candidates from start to finish.  

2020 had been a tough start for Hill with a lot of job assignments being on hold due to COVID19.  He recalled being introduced to a candidate who had recently lost his job. The candidate was expecting a baby in a few month’s time and this could not have been a worse time to be unemployed. Hill, being a recent father, related to his panic and distress.

After a full consultation with the candidate, Hill made it his mission to get the candidate back to work as soon as possible. Within 2 days and more than 30 introductions, Hill and his team secured a few interviews for the candidate. Throughout the process, they worked together and eventually got a desirable offer.

Amid COVID19, this process reminded Hill why he works as a recruiter: “intrinsic rewards definitely outweigh the financial ones”. He can never forget the gratitude of the candidate when the offer was presented.

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Howard Sung

Co-founder of FindRecruiter.com - Intelligent Recruiter Matching Platform

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