Don’t overlook these 3 things when hiring through a recruitment agency Scroll

January 27, 2023


Who wouldn’t want the help of an agency recruiter that can solve all their hiring needs?

Surprisingly, a lot of companies prefer not to, even when they’ve got the money to spend!

The truth is, many companies dread using recruiters. To a point where they’d rather spend 2 months on their own to find the right candidate than partner up with recruiters. This mentality against recruiters all comes from their poor experiences with recruitment agencies in the past.

In reality, most recruitment agencies actually provide excellent service levels. But the fact is you just don’t know them. It’s true! There are over 1,000 agencies in Hong Kong alone and according to the Labour Department, over 90% are boutique agencies with less than 10 recruiters. What this means is they have less marketing capacity and are really focused on providing top-level service to their clients.

To help you decide which agencies to partner on your next hire, here are 3 things you don’t want to miss.

  1. Test the Recruiter’s Market Insights:

Are they knowledgeable in their sectors? Can they provide you with insights that will help you hire this position?

Great recruiters are very close to the market and should be able to provide you a wealth of information to help you strategize on your hiring. If they cannot, then they just might not be good for the job.

  1. Commission Fees:

How much is fair? What is the market rate?

It depends! It depends on the position you’re hiring, the type of agency you’re speaking with, the time of the year (high/low season), and your employer branding. Make sure the commission fee is discussed beforehand and aligns with your hiring budget so there are no surprises.

  1. Guarantee Period:

What happens if the candidate leaves shortly after they’re hired?

Some agencies offer a warranty on placements that range from 1 – 3 months. In your best interest, it’s best to make sure it’s 3 months. Negotiate if you have to! The Guarantee Period allows you and the candidate to make sure you’re a good match. So if things don’t work out, you can request a replacement or refund.

Every agency has a different set of terms and going through them one by one can be very time-consuming. It’s absolutely vital however to understand all the risks involved. Otherwise, you might just end up losing even more time!

FindRecruiter is an intelligent recruiter matching platform for employers to quickly identify the best recruiters. We have successfully filled openings in Fashion Design, Construction, IT, Finance, HR, and Administration.

Howard Sung

Co-founder of - Intelligent Recruiter Matching Platform

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