#ReinventingRecruiters Series – Lany Sumardika

January 27, 2023

Feb 2020 definitely feels longer than 2 years ago. Back then, FindRecruiterwas still at the beginning of our startup journey and we were told, by many, to expect the worst when it comes to starting a tech platform that no one has ever thought of using.

We didn’t know what to expect, but we definitely did not expect a world-ending pandemic and the casualties it would take with it.

This is the time when recruitment went from lukewarm (amidst US-Sino trade tensions) to blizzard-cold. It was one of the worst times in recent years for recruitment (think GFC) and, needless to say, for a recruitment tech company like us.

This is also the time Lany, along with her firm – Clarrow, signed up and joined our platform. Similar to FindRecruiter, the firm had just set foot in Asia after growing successfully in Australia. After explaining our vision to Chris (the very progressive MD of Clarrow) and the team, we knew the synergy was there. He had a team of excellent recruiters and we had a lineup of employers who were looking for hire.

At first, skeptical, Lany explained why she hesitated in using a platform like FindRecruiter.

Wouldn’t it create more friction between recruiters and employers?
Why should we split the revenue with a third party?
How can adding a person or a platform in between help with client engagement?

As our partnership grew throughout the past 2 years, Lany has made multiple placements since. By using a platform that was designed by recruiters, she was able to work with qualified clients and capitalize on useful tools that essentially enabled her to succeed. In fact, by mid of 2020, Lany had already made her fastest placement of her career via the platform in 2 weeks!

Here’s the full interview we had with Lany:

#ReinventingRecruiters – Lany Sumardika

Our community of recruiters continues to be the focus and fuel of our platform’s development. If you’d like to find out how we can strengthen your BD efforts, please reach out to me or visit: www.findrecruiter.com/recruiters.

Howard Sung

Co-founder of FindRecruiter.com - Intelligent Recruiter Matching Platform

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