Recruitment Community Updates – 2022 Q1

January 27, 2023

Hi, PeopleOps Managers and Recruiters!

The Find Recruiter team have been working hard to improve your experience on our platform. Here’s a quick updates to what we’ve changed in Q1 2022. Hope you are enjoying the updates. Let us know! We look forward to your feedback to improve our platform.

Calendly is now integrated into Find Recruiter

Arranging interviews with candidates can be time-consuming and distracting to your work. Many of you use Calendly to help manage that problem. To make it even easier, we integrated Calendly to Find Recruiter so you can arrange interviews with your recruiters in under 3-clicks.

Select Calendly as your interview scheduling tool
Share your Calendly link with the pre-filled message, interview request is now truly one-click away.

It’s also now simpler for recruiters to confirm interviews

Find Recruiter automatically pre-fills the candidate info into Calendly and keeps all parties involved in the same calendar invite. Recruiters no longer need to manually enter all the candidate information in Calendly. No more miscommunications due to mistyped emails, or forgotten calendar invites.

On Find Recruiter, you can expect a consistent yet reliable interview scheduling experience.

Better overview of your jobs

PeopleOps Managers, we heard you! It can get messy when you’re managing 20+ jobs over multiple locations simultaneously. We’ve now added a new Table View to complement the existing Gallery View.

In Table View, you can sort your jobs by any of the columns including locations, no. of candidates pending review. It’s a much more flexible way for you to view your jobs in the way you prefer to keep your hirings organised.

View your jobs in the dense tabular format

Jobs in Gallery View are now more “Actionable” than ever

We also took the chance to revamp the Job Gallery View. All the actions that are pending your attention are now highlighted and colour-coded. Just click on them, and it’d take you to the right places. It’s now easier than ever to keep all your communications with recruiters neat and clean.

  • All candidates reviewed: Check!
  • All questions from recruiters clarified: Check!
  • All messages read and replied: Check!

Ted Kuo

The tech guy behind Find Recruiter. Let's build a thriving recruitment community together.

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