My Very First Post!

January 27, 2023


Of course, this is going to be about entrepreneurship — why not?

I’ve co-founded 2 companies (Surge & FindRecruiter) within the past 18 months, it seems only suiting to have my first post about a topic that is so close to my life.

In fact, I got a lot of inspiration from the post by Angus Woodman (you can read it here.

Similar to his situation, I struggled to find a single topic to write about; even within entrepreneurship, there can be so much to be said. But let’s put it this way — it’s been a rollercoaster ride and we’re only at the beginning.

You know how, at the beginning of every rollercoaster ride, there’s a long, steep slope that the kart climbs and the suspense builds up? Well, it’s like that, and tenfolds longer and steeper. At the beginning of the journey, you don’t have many resources (money, support, colleagues… and we still don’t!) and the slope seems impossible to climb and all the stress piles up. Going out for a coffee will be a luxury and loyalty programs will become your best friends. The rule of the game is to be resourceful!

When we got our first revenue in, we felt like we were at the top and sworn we were only going upwards from thereon. Very much like a rollercoaster, you don’t stay at the top. In fact, it was an avalanche for me shortly after that moment as we had a few blank months without any traction.

Self-doubt, frustration, and confusion filled my head as months went on. How I got out of that was the support system around me. You just have to talk and share the difficulties with the ones closest to you: partner, family, friends, pets. Remind yourself to brace and embrace the opportunities around you.

For those who are interested in starting a business:

  • it will always be a struggle upwards
  • you can never stay at the top
  • find your support group for the down times!

Rollercoasters CAN BE fun, so enjoy the ride while you’re at it. Don’t ever forget why you have started.

Here goes my first post… hope y’all like it!

#StartUps #HKstartup

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Howard Sung

Co-founder of - Intelligent Recruiter Matching Platform

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