What's New? | Product Update, Feb 2023

January 27, 2023

Hello Recruiters! 👋

A long overdue update to highlight our recent improvements for recruiters in FR community!

The tech team at Find Recruiter has been quietly working away brewing up nice news feature for you. Make yourself a cup of coffee ☕ and find yourself a comfortable spot 🏖️ Let us take you through some of the highlights!

A More Comprehensive Coverage
on the Company You Represent

It's of the upmost importance that recruiters are able to accurately represent the company when speaking to potential candidates. Hiring is difficult, it's even more difficult when you don't have the full picture. To save you time on research, we introduced the new Company Page.

The new Company page feature gives you:

  • Job Openings: An overview of all the job openings that this company is open to recruiters.
  • Background Info: A quick overview of all background info about the company in one place. It saves you time on its background research, so you can focus on the more advanced insights.
  • Company News: It also gives you a quick glance over the latest exciting news that may be good talking points with your candidates.
  • Generic Question & Answers: common Q & A on the company that've been asked by recruiters in the past. No more waiting, get your answers now.

In-depth Insights into Clients' Activity with Recruiters

Giving transparency on clients' recruiting activity on Find Recruiter has been FR's long-time mission since its conception. We've been adding new data insights that'd let you set the right expectations when engaging with your clients.

  • Client Level: All clients you see on FR are now classified. With Top-Rated clients, you can engage with the confidence on the high possibility in placement success and its on-time payments. New Clients are exciting new opportunities, but more patience in engagement may be required.
  • First Interviews: This indicates the no. of candidates that have received their First Round of interview.
  • Pending Review: This indicates the no. of candidates that are pending review by the company. A high number may indicate a slow processing of new candidates.

A More-Detailed-Than-Ever Job Brief For YOU

A detailed job brief is the key to the success of an accurate candidate search. In the past, job brief are manually recorded by FR Account Managers. This has been changed since, they are now directly entered in person by the clients or the hiring managers themselves. In the newly posted jobs, you will start to find more details that are uniquely available on Find Recruiter platform only.

  • Would you consider overseas candidates?
  • What are the travel requirements?
  • Who does this role reports to?
  • Example candidate profiles & keywords & reference companies
  • Success criteria: What does success look like for this role?

Enjoy the new features!
Please do feel free to share with us (your account managers) any feedback that you may have.

Ted Kuo

The tech guy behind Find Recruiter. Let's build a thriving recruitment community together.

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