Recruiters' Go-to Coffee Shops in Hong Kong

January 27, 2023

Ah, coffee. The lifeblood of the recruiters' world. ☕️

In Hong Kong, you’re never far from a cup of coffee, and it’s also what recruiters need the most no matter is for a caffeine fix or a quick catch up with candidates and clients. But with so many options, there have to be some go-to places recruiters know they are the best for meetings.

That’s why we’ve scoured the city to bring you the top coffee shops for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers. From trendy spots with unique design and theme to conventional brands with a touch of sophistication, these cafes are guaranteed to impress. So, pour yourself a cuppa and let’s dive into the best coffee shops in Hong Kong for your next meeting.

Preface Coffee & Wine

A combination of coffee and coding. Not only Preface serves coffee and wine, the raising EdTech company located in Central and Causeway Bay is also known for their coding courses for kids and adults. A great place with a purposeful concept and a good conversation starter with your tech candidates. 🧑🏻‍💻

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Elephant Grounds - Star Street, Admiralty

You are probably thinking, which Elephant Ground? If we have to choose one, Admiralty would be the choice. Located between Wan Chai and Admiralty, right outside of Three Pacific Place, convenience speaks for itself. Get there 15 minutes prior your meeting to secure a table at this popular spot. 🐘

Source: Elephant Grounds by Zone Hone

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N1 Coffee & Co.

Is it true that boutique cafe serves better coffee? N1 Coffee & Co. might be the living proof. It gives you a sense of comfort when there is a good boutique cafe just around concern, especially in a busy and usually tourism driven district like Tsim Sha Tsui. The space is cozy so we recommend it for not-so-formal meetings here. 💆🏻‍♀️

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Fuel Espresso - The Landmark

Fuel Espresso should be no stranger to a lot of recruiters, especially if you are recruiting within the Financial Service industry, this might be your go-to meet up point with your candidates and clients. Feeling extra professional with the suit and tie. 👔👠

Source: Fuel Espresso

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Bow Coffee

Insurance is not the only product Bowtie sells. Yes, that’s right, created by the virtual insurance company, their physical coffee shop located in Wan Chai provides the perfect space for catch-up meetings and cafe lunch. 🤵🏻‍♂️

Source: Flowspace

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Blue Bottle - IFC

Coming all the way from California, Blue Bottle first opened on Lyndhurst Street in 2020. With the two floors and minimalist design, it attracted many coffee lovers for a visit. Their store located in IFC provides a more spacious and less busy environment which we also highly recommend. 🚰

Source: wrk-shp

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Africa Coffee & Tea

We are not forgetting the South Island peeps. More corporates and creative startups have moved or expanded their office to Wong Chuk Hang in recent years, and luckily we have a caffeine fix solution in the area too. African cuisine is also a rare find in Hong Kong, so give it a try to their food menu! 🌍

Source: Deliveroo

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Terrible Baby

Hope all the coffee meets lead to a celebration drink! Terrible Baby is a restaurant & bar located inside of Eaton Hotel in Jordan. The bohemian style and rooftop-bar-like outdoor area certainly guarantees a fun Friday happy hour vibe.

Fun fact: You are only few steps away to FindRecruiter's office from Terrible Baby as we reside in the co-working space at Eaton House, come and grab a drink with us! 👶🏻

Source: TimeOut

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