New Recruitment Agencies in Q3 2020 – Hong Kong Edition

January 27, 2023

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At Find Recruiter, we continuously monitor the latest news within the recruitment industry. And we are always excited when there are new firms in town because it’s great news for employers! As each recruiter/agency has their own talent connections, more recruiters gives employers access to a larger network of talents.

In Q3 2020, we saw 13 new recruitment firms in Hong Kong and they were all boutique sized (employing less than 10 recruitment experts). Recruitment firms going boutique is a trend to watch for. Services of boutique recruitment firms tend to be more bespoke which is crucial for businesses today where culture fit and team dynamics are top priorities. Without further ado, here they are:

1. Mavence Group

Mavence Group Recruitment Firm

A new recruitment firm co-founded together by Charles Mak and Eunice Chan. The two recruitment experts have 10+ years of experience combined across various verticals. Charles specialises in Technology and Eunice has her expertise in Financial Services.

Specialism: Technology / Financial Services


2. LinkSuccess

LinkSuccess Recruitment Firm

LinkSuccess, newly established by a 16yrs recruitment veteran – Katherine Yim. Katherine has vast experience both as a researcher and a recruitment consultant, making her versatile to fit your various hiring needs.

Specialism: Telecom, Media & Technology / Executive Search


3. Forsythe Consulting

Forsythe Consulting Recruitment Firm

A recruitment agency newly setup by Michael Forsythe. It set its focus in the real estate and property sector. Michael’s previous professional experience in property sector lends him unique insights and perspectives when it comes to recruitment of high-calibre talents for the sector.

Specialism: Real Estate & Property


4. Kite Search

Kite Search Recruitment Firm

A new venture led by two brothers: Alex Compton and Nick Compton. Setting up a recruitment firm is definitely not a strange experience for Alex Compton. This is his second gig launching a new recruitment firm, the first time for Spencer Ogden North Asia Division.

Specialism: Property & Construction, Infrastructure and Energy


5. Loop Staffing Lab

Loop Staffing Lab Recruitment Firm

Loop Staffing Lab, a new licence acquired by Six People Map focusing on staffing and temporary employment.

Specialism: Generalist / Temporary/Contract Employment Workers.

Website: N/A

6. ACTS Consulting Co.

ACTS Consulting Recruitment Firm

A new recruitment agency set up by Alexa Chow, a familiar name to many as she writes news articles on the latest recruitment trends. She was previously the managing director at AMAC Human Resources Consultants. Alexa Chow launched ACTS Consulting together with some of her ex-colleagues from AMAC.

Specialisms: Generalist / Executive Search.


Full List of New Recruitment Agencies in Hong Kong in Q3 2020.



Congratulations to all the new recruitment firms! We look forward to collaborate with all of you.

Promotion for a better transparency in recruitment industry

We believe that transparency is of utmost importance to promote a healthy future for the recruitment industry. Digitalisation is one of the keys that helps us to achieve that. It helps employers make more informed decisions on the choices of recruiters. It also helps to eliminate bad apples in the industry who tend to work in the dark. As our research shows, a lot of recruitment firms are lacking online prominence, and it points to one thing: A lot more work is definitely required to promote online presence for them.

Source of our data:

Hong Kong Labour Department Employment Agency Authority + Internal data from Find Recruiter. Data from Hong Kong Labour Department Employment Agency Authority isn’t 100% accurate, Find Recruiter keeps an internal record of agencies for cross checking. Feel free to let us know if we made a mistake somewhere in our data.

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