Product Update, January 2023

January 27, 2023

Introducing the new and improved Find Recruiter platform!

We are excited to announce that the Find Recruiter platform has undergone a huge redesign to enhance the User Experience. It’s designed to optimize the efficiency of your communication with recruiters from all over the world who help you hunt for the best talents.

The new design features a sleek and modern look, with improved navigation and streamlined job posting functionalities.

Simplified UI

We’ve made some improvements to the UI to make it simpler and more user-friendly. The new design packs similar features in tabs, including:

  • Job Details: To refine your job posting
  • Questions: To clarify questions from your recruiters and screening questions that recruiters shall use to screen candidates.
  • Hiring Team: To invite new hiring managers to collaborate on interviews.
  • Recruiters: To invite/manage recruiters currently recruiting with you on the role
  • Placements: To view & confirm a placement request from recruiters.

We understand the importance of having a platform that are both efficient and user-friendly, and we are confident that these changes will make the talent searching more enjoyable and successful for you.

New job publishing experience

Through data analysis & case studies, the Find Recruiter team found that a complete & accurate job brief is one of the most critical key factors (if not the most important) to the success of a talent search.

A job brief is more than a job description but a package of all parameters required for recruiters to conduct an efficient search. In the light of this discovery, the Find Recruiter team went back to the drawing board to redesign the job posting experience from scratch to come up with something that is more visual, more interactive, and more thorough to illustrate your talent needs.

More control on your search

Different job demands different recruiting styles. Some jobs just require more delicate touches. For those, we’re adding a new recruiting mode: “Selective Broadcast”

Open Broadcast
In this mode, the entire community of recruiting professionals will help source, screen and race to find you screened candidates. This is optimized for maximum candidate reach and fastest turnaround

Selective Broadcast*
Our vetted network of recruiters will send you a request and you decide who to work with. This is recommended if you require maximum control in your search.

*Please note that Selective Broadcast is a Pro feature available only to a small group of users. Please speak to your Account Manager if you wish to try-out this new feature.

Happy recruiting!

We are continuously working to improve our platform and will continue to make updates to provide the best experience for your, our users. We invite you to try out the new Find Recruiter platform and let us know what you think. Happy recruiting!”

Ted Kuo

The tech guy behind Find Recruiter. Let's build a thriving recruitment community together.

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